When Cultures Meet

The Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Gathering Place will be a vibrant community space set within the Eighth Gathering. Come and see Indigenous Culture around the world come together to showcase their cultures.

What to expect at the Gathering place.

When you enter the Gathering Place you will be lovingly reminded that we are on the sacred land of the Eora Nation, Cadigal Country, holding reverence for Elders past and present. Meandering through the Marketplace, you will find authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, with some International Indigenous products, a perfect array of items for gifts and mementos to culturally laden your luggage while supporting ethically community owned businesses. Stopping by the exhibits provides great insight into the first nations organisations who are dedicated to enriching the lives of our people. While you’re at it, why not try some Aboriginal cuisine, grab a refreshment, or pull up a chair and enjoy the entertainment?

We have a world class line-up of International and National First Nations artists featuring Grammy Nominees and local talent, keeping us entertained with a daily program of music and speakers. Ceremony will remain at the heart of the Gathering Place, with dance from around Australia and across the world featured in the program.

Dreamtime Stories with Nana Miss Koori will enchant young and old alike and intergenerational workshops provide a chance to weave your way culturally through ancient practices still maintained by our people. Traditional healers will also lead you through the power of our Ancestral practices and the significance of our cultural remedies. With the youth zone, international zone, Two Spirits and Elders Tea room (a place for our most senior VIPs to enjoy their day), there is sure to be something for everyone.

The Gathering Place is the lifeblood of the eighth Healing Our Spirit Worldwide. The vibrant central hub for delegates and community to come together in the spirit of unity and oneness, in freedom and respect. FREE ENTRY for the WHOLE COMMUNITY. See you there!

Open Daily 27-29th November 2018
Times: 27/28th 9:00am-5:30pm | 29th 9:00am-3:00pm
Where: The Gallery – Level 2 – ICC, Sydney