The Theme - Mauri Ora

The overarching theme for the Seventh Gathering is Mauri Ora.

Mauri Ora means life force, a positive state of being, a continuous energy flow, life, good health and vitality.

Mauri Ora is about the health and wellbeing of indigenous communities flourishing in positive directions.

Within this overarching theme there is a key stream for each day of the Gathering. 

Indigenous Leadership 
Indigenous leadership is about leading our people toward a positive future, toward positive outcomes. It is about working to our strengths as we move toward Mauri ora

Indigenous Solutions 
Indigenous solutions are likely to take a unique approach to resolve issues impacting our peoples. Indigenous solutions might not be simply about treatment and healing but also about prevention and protective factors, or about innovative ways of moving toward healthy flourishing futures.  

Indigenous Potential
Indigenous potential is about how best to identify and realise the potential of indigenous approaches and innovative models of self-care, whānau and family care, and community care that sparks movement toward Mauri Ora.

Indigenous Futures
Indigenous futures looks at the futures we all want to see for our people.  There may be pathways in place toward these futures, we may be identifying or just setting out on the path, we may already have the solutions, see the potential and be leading indigenous peoples toward Mauri Ora.

These four streams are strengths-based and forward focused in their approach. The Seventh Gathering is about building the capacity of indigenous leaders, highlighting and celebrating indigenous solutions, and realising indigenous potential for healthy flourishing futures.