Site Visits

There are a number of site visits on offer during The Seventh Gathering as outlined below. 


Focus: Traditional Marae Visit

Day 2 - 4: Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday Morning: Visit to local traditional Marae

A short bus ride to a local traditional Marae of the Waikato people where an intimate experience will be on offer to engage in talking, listening, observing and asking questions of local hosts. A close encounter experience is offered to attendees to walk inside a carved meeting house and hear the stories and local histories of how community that lives around and belongs to the marae.


Focus: Healing, Health, Hauora, Well Being

Day 2: Tuesday Afternoon: Visit to local Māori Community Health Providers

The afternoon will be spent viewing a Māori health provider with the provision of a suite of health services for and by Māori to the local Hamilton Community. Te Kōhao Health provides in excess of 25 different health, social and education services to 8,000 clients throughout the Waikato region. The clinic is an impressive example of the collaboration between Western medical services and traditional Māori medicine.



Focus: Mātauranga Māori, Māori Self Determination in Education, Māori Language Immersion

Day 4: Thursday Morning: Visit to local Māori Language Education Centres

An engaging visit is planned to 3 Māori language centres, all total immersion in the Māori language including a pre-school language nest, and a primary and secondary school established to encourage Māori children and their families to reach all of their potentials through learning their culture and language from birth to adulthood.


Booking process

Site visits can be booked during the online registration process for an additional $57.50 NZD (GST inclusive) per visit and are based on a first in first served process. There is a limit of three site visits per person.