Introducing Darcy Demus

Warm greetings! My name is Darcy Demas. I’m a Dakota man from Pipestone, Manitoba, Canada. I was born August 12, 1964, and was raised in Manitoba until 1996. I was raised in poverty, high rates of alcoholism and violence. I moved to British Columbia in November 1996 with my six-year-old daughter Desirae.

I have been involved with Dakota culture for more than thirty years. I have danced in the Sun Dance for twenty years. I have been singing and assisting the elders for eleven years now. My passion is teaching my Dakota culture. I specifically appreciate being able to sing and write songs in my Dakota language. I am, also, a Dakota cultural artisan. My understanding of my cultural values and beliefs are the spiritual foundation in my life and have given me sobriety and the ability to maintain sobriety.

I am also a member of the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII) NGO.

I look forward to seeing you at Healing Our Spirit Worldwide. Look out for me in the Gathering Place.