Call for Abstracts

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide - The Seventh Gathering invites abstracts for presentations in health, education, welfare, business and environmental wellbeing, healing and addiction programmes, traditional sharing, culture and arts for the Gathering in Hamilton, Aotearoa, 15 - 19 November , 2015.  

Presentations might employ traditional sharing, narratives, arts and cultural performance as well as traditional workshops, poster presentations, individual and joint oral presentation styles. As you consider the theme and work streams, and decide on the best presentation style for your abstract, please note this example of an abstract.

Abstracts are invited from workers, individuals, groups, communities, researchers and academics internationally and nationally. 


We seek abstracts for oral and poster presentations, workshops and cultural demonstrations related to the overarching theme Mauri Ora.

Mauri Ora means life force, a positive state of being, a continuous energy flow, life, good health and vitality. Mauri Ora is about the health and wellbeing of indigenous communities flourishing in positive directions.

Within this overarching theme there is a key stream for each day of the gathering. You can submit your abstract to be considered under one stream, or into a number of streams. If your abstract is accepted, the theme you will present under will be confirmed in your acceptance letter.

Indigenous Leadership 
Indigenous leadership is about leading our people toward a positive future, toward positive outcomes. It is about working to our strengths as we move toward Mauri ora. Abstracts submitted under this theme could be about leadership, about a project or programme that's building leadership, about an inspiring leader or leadership position, or about leading the way for others to follow or learn from. 

Indigenous Solutions 
Indigenous solutions are likely to take a unique approach to resolve issues impacting our peoples. Indigenous solutions might not be simply about treatment and healing but also about prevention and protective factors, or about innovative ways of moving toward healthy flourishing futures.  Abstracts submitted under this theme might be about a solution for indigenous communities, a unique or innovative response, a person, project, programme, community or organisation that has found an answer that's working.

Indigenous Potential
Indigenous potential is about how best to identify and realise the potential of indigenous approaches and innovative models of self-care, whānau and family care, and community care that sparks movement toward Mauri Ora. Abstracts submitted under this theme might be about building capacity in people, organisations or communities, about identifying strengths and opportunities and about pathways identified to realising potential.

Indigenous Futures
Indigenous futures looks at the futures we all want to see for our people.  There may be pathways in place toward these futures, we may be identifying or just setting out on the path, we may already have the solutions, see the potential and be leading indigenous peoples toward Mauri Ora. Abstracts submitted under this theme will be forward looking, changing views of the future for people and communities. Abstracts here might also be about claiming or reclaiming our futures.

These four streams are strengths-based and forward focused in their approach. The Seventh Gathering is about building the capacity of indigenous leaders, highlighting and celebrating indigenous solutions, and realising indigenous potential for healthy flourishing futures. 

Presentation Formats

The following presentation formats will be accepted a Healing our Spirit Worldwide - the Seventh Gathering in 2015.

Individual Oral Presentation 
Joint Oral Presentation
Poster Presentation
Cultural Demonstration / Performance (i.e. play, dance, poetry, storytelling, art)

Length of time allocated for presentations

Presentation format Length of presentation time Length of question time
Individual Oral Presentation   30 minutes  10 - 15 minutes Q + A
Joint Oral Presentation 30 minutes 10 -15 minutes Q + A
Workshop 30 minutes 10 -15 minutes Q + A
Cultural Demonstration / Performance 30 - 45 minutes  - 
Film 30-45 minutes  -

Abstract Format

Every submission must be accompanied by a written abstract. See this example.


Introduce the topic of your presentation and how it is relevant to the theme.  Outline the context and main messages of your presentation.

Word length:  100 - 300 maximum.

Abstract Font and layout 
Please use the following format:


  • 16 point, Arial font, bold typeface, left aligned 

Leave two blank lines 


  • List each author: First name, Surname
  • Insert cultural identity for example tribe/iwi or affiliation/Organisation, Country 
  • Presenting Author to be bold 
  • Subsequent authors on separate lines 
  • Do not include degrees or contact details 
  • 11 point, Arial font, left aligned 

Leave two blank lines 

Abstract Text 

  • 11 point, Arial font, left aligned 
  • 1.5 spacing

Leave two blank lines

Please also add an abstract or presentation summary - two sentences for use in the Programme if selected

Key Dates

Call for abstracts opens – 4 February 2015
Closing date for submission of abstracts – EXTENDED UNTIL Midnight Sunday 10 May (EST)
Review of submissions – May 2015
Notification of acceptance – 29 May 2015

Please note

All HOSW 2015 presenters (and co presenters) must be registered to attend the Gathering and are responsible for their own expenses (including but not limited to travel, transportation, accommodation and meals).

Presenters are responsible for the transport and security for any materials (cultural artifacts, artworks, etc) while in Aotearoa and HOSW 2015 will not be responsible for these items.

If travelling from outside Aotearoa presenters are required to have a valid passport and arrange any required entry visas.

English is the language of the Gathering. If the presenter wishes to present in another language it is their responsibility to provide a translator.

By submitting an abstract the presenter agrees for HOSW 2015 to copy, print and disseminate your presentation and short biography.

By submitting an abstract the presenter agrees to allow HOSW 2015 to photograph, video and/or film their presentation for HOSW 2015 purposes only (promotion and documentation of the event).


Abstract submissions for Healing Our Spirit Worldwide - The Seventh Gathering 2015 have now closed, thank you for your interest.