Barry Bublitz


The Healing our Spirit Worldwide movement returns to our sacred lands for the second time.   I am humbled with my role as the International Indigenous Council Director for Aotearoa to work alongside our awesome hosting team, to make this an event that celebrates indigenous connectedness to wellbeing and leadership, sustainable innovative lifestyle changes and the ‘Spirit’ of our Indigenous communities world wide.  As we welcome you to our sacred lands, you will experience the tradition of my people at its fullest, setting the platform for the Seventh Gathering to provide opportunities to grow, heal, share stories and have lots to fun together as we continue weaving the history of Healing Our Spirit Worldwide.

I have been on the Healing our Spirit Worldwide journey since 1992 and I am amazed at the transformational change the movement provides for many indigenous communities when we gather. 

My background in the ‘Innovative’ space to provide focussed solutions for those who seek them has been an absolute blessing, as I see our people flourish when they achieve their Aspirational dreams.  I believe the Seventh Gathering will allow many of those who come, to achieve exactly this!

I am Barry Bublitz and descend from the people of Ngaitai ki Tamaki, Ngati Kohua me Tainui; Ngati Tupaia me Ngati Tanewai o te Whanui o Tangahoe kei Taranaki tonga. Tena koutou! tena koutou! tena koutou katoa!  I greet and welcome you all to our scared lands and Healing our Spirit Worldwide – the Seventh Gathering.