HOSW8 welcomes GUIR as a Community Sponsor

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide welcomes GUIR as a community sponsor of The Eighth Gathering.

Gamarada Universal Indigenous Resources Pty Ltd (GUIR)  specialises in the promotion of personal, professional and organisational performance in private, government, and community sectors. GUIR’s strengths are derived from our capacities in: professional services and specialist behavioral and therapeutic programs. Our skill set is applied to the development of programs and services to effect workplace safety and staff development. We are recognized in the areas of: education, Justice, health and employment, providing diversion programs for offenders, education and training for teachers and students, general practitioners and allied health professionals as well as Indigenous and non-Indigenous community engagement initiatives across the social and emotional well being and healing field. We specialise in coaching with GUIR’s Courage Coaching Model. GUIR works to promote community cohesion with a focus on marginalised groups such as youth who may be at risk of radicalism. Our programs are in line with current international best practice behavioural science.